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About Pioneer Emergency Medical Alarms
Howard Feldman

Howard Feldman, President

About thirty years ago, in 1978, I started Pioneer as a residential security and fire alarm company. Our mission remains the same: To save lives and property. My parents, David and Claire Feldman, helped me to start the business like a fire alarm company and automated alert systems, even though they had never been entrepreneurs themselves. My father was a scientist and inventor with Bell Laboratories. His accomplishments included designing the touch-tone phone. My mother was a registered nurse. Perhaps, it was both destiny and genetics that guided me into the medical alert business.

But the most important event was a personal one. In 1995, at the age of 39, I had an open heart surgery. I needed a medical alert monitoring system. Since then, I have spent years researching and testing home medical alert systems.

I’m proud to tell you that today we offer the best medical alert systems in the world. We are the founding members of the Medical Alert Monitoring Association. Manufactured by companies like First Alert Professional, GE, Honeywell, the products are installed, maintained and serviced by my family-owned security business and alarm monitoring company, Pioneer Emergency. You can trust our products and services to keep your loved ones safe. My family relies on them. Yours can too.

Please call me personally if you have any questions about our medical alert company. I can be reached toll-free at 1-888-743-1750.

Howard Feldman


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